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I am a work in progress ...

...as are my dolls, beaded work, and whimsical creations. I use a broad mixed-media palette of fabrics, beads, clay, and more to work with. I concentrate on surface embellishment, adding new media as I grow and expand my treasure chest of techniques, with which to create and teach. My cloth doll patterns emphasize the creation of faces with personality, through needle sculpting and manipulation of drawn features.

I hope you enjoy perusing this site. 

My Creations - Art Dolls and Beaded Jewelry/Art to Wear

To see my doll patterns, click here or choose the navigation button to the left titled Whimsical Creatures.  To see my jewelry designs, click here or choose the navigation button to the left titled Beaded Jewelry.

I started making Dolls using other artist's patterns, some samples are here..  and progressed to designing and creating my own patterns and one-of-a-kind display art dolls.  I have always incorporated beading into my dolls, and, through this, now create beaded jewelry.

phone - 561-852-3858
fax - 561-852-0841
email - potdfrog@bellsouth.net

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